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So the TTU Drama club is putting on RENT, and having open auditions.

Hayner, Pence, Olette! Audition with me! I'm gonna try out for Angel. I always did like Angel. So charismatic and sweet, yet sassy all at the same time.

I hope they're doing the play version. The movie was good, but the play was SO much better. There were two songs I liked particularly well from the play that weren't in the movie: Christmas Bells and Contact.

But enough about RENT. Oh man, there can never be enough about RENT.

I found out where Penelo is. I need to go visit her sometime, just to see how she's doing, make sure she's ok.

Anyhow, off to cheer practice! <3
Ok, so today when I went to practice, I discovered that my squad was being broken up. We were told our squad leader was suspended from cheering. What the fuck? Penelo, what's going on? What did you do? We're all really worried about you. Just... let us know you're ok, alright?
(Edit: Friends only.)

Well, the lighter stuff first, I guess...

I had another photo shoot today. We were modeling the late-fall/early-winter fashions. And let me just say I HATE my agency sometimes. They can't even take into consideration the fact that I might have other things to do than drop everything and go dress in their clothing and stand the way they want me to for hours. I missed cheerleading practice, and now I'm pissed. The good thing is that I get to keep whatever I model.
Now for the reason I -really- hate my agency. One of the girl models couldn't make it to the shoot, so they decided to let her go. And since they have a deadline for their clothing and they're short on girls anyhow, guess who they decided to cross-dress again. Me. The only thing I can really say is that I'm glad that a) All of my friends already know they make me do that, and b) No one really pays attention to the models when they get the catalogue, they pay attention to the clothing. So yes, there is a male in female clothing in the fall/winter edition of the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue, but life will go one.

Now for something sad. Cheryl broke up with me. Yeah, that was one hell of a short relationship; Only about two weeks. She was a bitch anyhow. And she kept saying something about seeing me with another guy. Well excuse me for being friendly. I don't care, our relationship wasn't going anywhere fast, anyhow. Hopefully whomever I find next will be better.

Now for the more serious stuff. My squad leader has disappeared. I mean, I read her journal a few days ago and she admitted to going on vacation instead of coming to practice, but this is past that. I mean no one has been able to contact her and her latest journal entry... well, it all goes with the rumors that the Dean raped one of the students. And she -was- his secretary, after all. I hope it's not true... I really hope she's just sick. Poor Penelo. I guess only time will reveal what's really happening.
((Open to anyone.))

It was the day before school began, and that meant the first official meeting of the varsity cheer leading team. Not that they hadn't been practicing all summer, but that was off campus and off the record. Roxas was one of four males on the team, a position he, surprisingly, had to fight for. While he may have been one of two in High School and ridiculed for it, the competition had been fierce for college. Those who didn't make it were put on reserves. And of course, all of the senior members thought he was just the cutest thing to ever walk on the field. He'd use that to his advantage later.

But for today, practice was over and Roxas got to walk home in his practice clothes, which were just a pair of warm-up pants and a tight shirt with the name of his High School on it.
(Open to anyone ^_^)

It was rather interesting. Roxas had lived in this town his entire conscious life, memorized almost every inch of it, and traveled almost every road. Yet exploring Twilight Town University's campus was a whole new adventure. The teen had never paid any attention to building names or what classes were held in each building. He knew the structures by their physical features, such as the building with the arch entrance and greenhouse (the science building), or the building with the pillars and the statue in front (the literature building). The skater was finding it all a bit more interesting than he'd first thought.
After a day of wandering, he found himself thirsty, so he made his way to the cafeteria to find a soda machine.
College... The final frontier. Or is it the third to last...?

I'm glad to finally be out of high school. I'm just glad there's a good college in town so I don't have to go to some school somewhere a bit further away and I get to live at home still.

I just need to make sure I'm still home enough to keep good relations with my parents, and I'm afraid my extra-cirriculars may interfere with that...

But anyhow, I'm going to go tour the campus. I know my way around it, but I've never paid any attention to what buildings were what.